Sunday, July 09, 2006

Georges Island and RSGB IOTA contest

Big day yesterday for our little tour group. My nieces, Sandy, and I took the harbor islands boat to Georges Island in Boston Harbor. This is only my second trip there and the first for Sarah and Katie. The boat ride out provided us with some fantastic views of the Boston skyline, a lighthouse, and every kind of sail boat and recreational boat you can imagine.
While on Georges Island we toured Fort Warren inside, outside, and on top. That is a big place! The view from the top also allowed us to see several other nearby islands that would be great fun to visit.
On the way out, I talked with one of the rangers about possibly connecting to the island's generator to operate in the upcoming RSGB Islands on the Air contest at the end of July. Georges Island is part of the Massachusetts State North Group. The ranger took my business card, name, telephone number, and email address after a nice conversation. She also mentioned her brother is a ham (that might help!).
Even if you don't think you are a contester you might want to give this one a try. You don't have to be a member of the Radio Society of Great Britain to join in the fun. Just go to an island and get on the air! If you are lucky enough to live close to the ocean and one of these islands identified by the RSGB's IOTA program you've got a perfect place to start building up experience for your own 100 Pound DXpeditions.
I hope to hear back from the ranger in the next week-or-so. It is probably a long-shot as the island has limited power in only a few rooms of the ranger station and one room in the fort. Still, you have to try, right?
With the big day we had yesterday I didn't have time to start my big blog entries on using fishing poles for all this. Perhaps after I put my young visitors back on the airplane (and after I've had a really good night's sleep!) I'll be able to tackle that subject.
In the mean time, get out there and activate an island, do a little picnic table portable, or even drive your car out to the end of a long country road and try operating. See you on the air!


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