Friday, February 16, 2007

Lodging set for St. Kitts

I just received confirmation that my deposit for the St. Kitts Villa has been received. We are now confirmed for CQ WW DX SSB contest.
There are a number of things that need to happen next. I have now downloaded the information for licensing and will complete that paperwork this weekend. I'll have that in the mail by Tuesday morning (as Monday is a Federal Holiday and no mail moves that day). It would be nice to get something with an "RD" in the suffix. We'll see...
I'll look over flights this weekend, too. Sandy and I will likely take direct flights from Boston making the logistics for this trip much simpler than the Montserrat trip (no day-before rendezvous, no chartered flights). Just a young (well, maybe not so young) couple taking a vacation. That extra bag? That's just some radio gear. {grin}
October probably sounds like it is very far away, but if this last trip has taught me anything it is that time flies! I hope to have everything settled for this trip long before the snow melts here in New England. Once licenses, flights, and lodging have all been arranged, I can start obsessing about equipment and antennas. I've already got some ideas cooking that I'll talk about next week.
By the way: Montserrat is NA-103. St. Kitts is NA-104. Maybe I should start doing these islands in order. If I did, I guess St. Martin would be next!


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