Thursday, April 26, 2007


Sorry for the dearth in posts this week. I have been writing an architecture document for a piece of software at work and this week was that big push at the end. I find I've only got so many words in me each day. I had used them all at the office.
The Five Star DXers Association (FSDXA) is at it again. This time the crew is heading to St. Brandon. These folks are a very polished bunch who had activated 3B9C (Rodgrigues Island) in 2004. Take a moment to visit their DXpedition web site. The layout is clean. They have all the right stuff. It is easy to navigate. This is the way to organize a web presence.
Just to make a point about how good these guys are, check out this blurb from a recent edition of the The Daily DX:

Having now QSLed nearly 100,000 3B9C QSOs we calculate we achieved an average busted call rate of 0.5%. We believe this to be a good figure although we shall try to improve on it at 3B7C.

Five busted calls per thousand worked. Think for a moment what that means. Through all the weak signals, all the lids in the pile-up, the sheer number of signals present at any given time, these guys can work hundreds of calls without an error. Now imagine the fatigue that must set in after a group has operated ten or even fifteen days. Does that error rate begin to sound amazing?
This DXpedition promises to be an interesting one. They have a brochure. They have a series of press releases. They have a plan for online logs and QSLing rules. They have plan. Watch and learn. I will.


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