Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Team Vertical web site

I attended a talk by Ann Santos (WA1S) at a New England DX Century Club meeting earlier this year where she gave a presentation on the Kure Atol DXpedition (K7C). Great stuff! One of the things Ann discussed was the effectiveness of vertical antennas on one of these islands. There have been lots of things written about this in the National Contest Journal, but I was hungry for more.
There are a number of articles from the "Team Vertical" web site that makes comparisons between yagis and verticals that is worth a look. I made a pass through some of the material yesterday and noted that they drew all the same conclusions Ann had made in her talk.
In short, verticals on the beach are very effective for low angle signals. This is great news for us 100 pound DXpeditioners because (a) these antennas are lighter, and (b) they are easier to assemble and configure. Take a few moments and check out some of these articles, especially DXpedition Antennas for Salt Water Locations.


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