Thursday, December 07, 2006

An excellent idea!

Just got a note from Greg (NE1OB), a good friend who shares my intrigue with QRP among other things. Here's what he said:

Maybe you have already thought of this. While reading your
blog tonight concerning creating eQSL and LotW accounts for your
VP2 calls, it occurred to me you might want to create pages
for them as well. A lot of people will probably be trying
to look you up on


Now that is an excellent idea, one that had not crossed my mind, yet obvious to me once he mentioned it. Well, part of this exercise is to have a better idea of all the steps necessary to pull off one of these DXpeditions. This item, ensuring we are "good on QRZ", will now be added to the list.
For my part, I entered the data for my listing VP2MRD just minutes ago. I uploaded the logo for the DXpedition for my picture, though it probably won't appear for a few days since the QRZ folks screen all the artwork.
Thanks, Greg!


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