Monday, December 04, 2006

Online log with sample data available

With five of the licenses now in hand and the final two forthcomming (we hope to have them this week), the group is much more relaxed. Tonight's conference call was more about equipment and logistics than the previous couple of calls. We are now worrying about meals, renting a van, and finding good scuba diving places instead of plane tickets and licenses.
There are still lots of things left undone. We decided last week that everybody should begin putting their equipment list into a spreadsheet and upload to the Yahoo! group file area. I put mine up there Monday night but, so far, nobody else has followed suit. I'll start pushing for closure on some of these things this week.
I spent nearly the entire day working on the log processing software we will be using while on the island. The software takes log files from each of the operators and produces HTML pages that can be uploaded directly to the web site. I have created a bunch of pages with sample data and put it on the DXpedition web site. Just go to the front page and click on the ONLINE LOG link. Comments are welcome. Note that this is very much a work-in-progress. I have (conservatively) another two or three days of work on this software before it is ready.
It is late again, coming up on 1 AM. I should have gone to bed, but I really wanted to get this online log stuff working at least well enough to evaluate it. I believe, after playing with it a bit, this is going to work just fine.


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