Friday, January 19, 2007

Small update

Just a quick note tonight. I have weighed and packed the filters, rearranged some of the smaller stuff, and have closed up both the big Pelican case and the REI bag. The Pelican case is now 70 pounds, the REI bag tips the scales at exactly 50 pounds. So, my 100 Pound DXpedition is now stretched a bit. I have 100 pounds of equipment (if you don't count the weight of the cases).
The other reason why I'm a bit over the 100 pound gross weight limit is that the equipment will be shared among several operators. There are a couple of guys bringing no radios at all! So, if we average the weight across all members, I'm within our 100 pounds per person goal again.
The third case is the big golf bag. Though I am hauling it to Florida, another team member will actually be claiming it as their own from Orlando to Montserrat. This is the bag that holds lots of long pieces such as masts and fishing poles. Right now, it also stuffed with a small bag filled with tools that Budd will transfer to his mostly empty suitcase (if necessary).
One of the things I'm wondering is how much will I be bringing back? Certainly, the wire that gets turned into radials, verticals, dipoles, etc., will not be repacked. That is only a few ounces, though. The Dacron rope used will likely not be repacked, either. Though I'm not likely to pick up too many souvenirs, it would be nice to have a little more breathing room on the return trip weight-and-space-wise.
I must have passed some milestone tonight if I'm now worried about the return trip! {grin}
Just 9 days to go...


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