Sunday, February 18, 2007

Finishing strong

I visited Dave (KZ1O) today and recorded a podcast highlighting the Montserrat trip. Expect that up on his 99 Hobbies web site in the next few days.
I also finished filling out the application for the St. Kitts radio license late this afternoon. I'll put a cover letter in there along with the checks to cover the fees tomorrow. I'm going to call down there to be sure I've got all the latest information on who gets the money and how much they need. With luck, I'll be able to drop that in the mail first thing Tuesday morning.
Finally, it is last call on T-shirts for the Montserrat team. I had designed custom T-shirts for the trip and I've given everybody one last chance to order more. I'll be buying a bunch for the good folks at Gingerbread Hill, too. They treated us like family while we were down there. I'd like to give them all shirts as a thank you for all their fine hospitality.
Our DXpedition team motto was "Not rare, but well done." I'd like to finish strong. We'll do a nice card, send appropriate gifts and "thank yous" to the people who helped make it a success, and make sure nothing is left undone. Its only right.


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