Friday, April 27, 2007

Scarborough Reef and things closer to home

An intrepid group of travelers is heading towards Scarborough Reef as I type this. Situated in the South China Sea these small clumps of land are claimed by the Philippines, mainland China, and Taiwan. The Philippines seem to have the most vigorous claim at the moment.
This DXpedition was tricky to put together (it took three years to get landing permission) and will no doubt be monstrously expensive. If you do work these folks, put some money in the envelope when you beg for your QSL card. Of course, giving directly isn't a bad idea, either.
In a story a little closer to home, Steve Weinert (K9ZW) has written about his efforts to activate an island for the United States Islands Awards Program. The operation is planned to commence May 5th at 1400Z. Check out the details in his blog for more information. If you can, give Steve and his crew a little help. Of course, I'll be following along with Steve's blog before and after.
Finally, I picked up this pointer from Geoff Arnold's blog for the Bookblog Gender Genie, a web-based program that will examine a chunk of text and attempt to determine the author's gender. I cannot vouch for the algorithm's accuracy or utility but using it did provide a few minutes of entertainment. I ran the last 10 significant blog entries through the program. Each posting's numerical score for male and female gender are shown. I will leave it to you, gentle reader, to ascribe meaning to this, if indeed there is any. Enjoy.

3b9c (male 424 vs. female 83)
Fairwell, Kurt (male 605 vs. female 414)
New mitt-full of QSL card requests has arrived (male 82 vs. female 52)
Slow news day (male 129 vs. female 25)

48 Watt Solar Panel Arrives (male 397 vs. female 532)
Buddi-beams (male 677 vs. 839 female)
Thoughts on logging (male 1128 vs. female 1636)
Solar panel ordered (male 637 vs. female 795)
Show and tell this week (male 858 vs. female 1122)
Declare your QSL routine on the air (male 552 vs. female 696)

By the way, this post (this very post) was a boy post. Go figure.


Blogger Steve Weinert said...

Thank you Scott for the kind words! Today the US Island program members were working to qualify islands in MO. Hoping they met the criteria!

Should be a lot fo fun this coming Staurday 1400z for activating Step-In Island. Will have an Island or two a month to do first time activations this summer.

Thank you again & 73,


April 28, 2007 2:20 PM  

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