Thursday, May 31, 2007

My to do list

Things are starting to pile up again. I just noticed that I have not done my QSLing (that I had hoped to finish before leaving for Dayton). I will get to those this weekend.
I had also planned to publish my QSLpro utility that I've been using for the Montserrat cards, and now for my personal cards, too. Don Argo of Dog Park Software has offered to host the download page, so long as I don't stick him with the support calls. After feigning surprise (a private joke between the two of us), I gladly accepted his offer. Again, Don comes through for the Macintosh-hamming community. I now need to make good on my offer and package this up for his web site.
Not to pile on even more stuff, I had made commitments to write some articles on my recent exploits and have not typed a word yet. Not a letter. Goodness. It is time to get organized!
With thunderstorms in the forecast for the weekend I won't be tempted to head out to Georges Island. Perhaps this is a good time to finish up these tasks.

I had lunch with my good friend Greg O'Brien (NE1OB) today. Greg and I have a couple of things in common including our prefix ("NE1") {grin} and a love of all things QRP. As with my 100 Pound DXpeditions, I love seeing how much you can do with just the bare minimum of equipment. Plus, the QRP world gives me an excuse to build stuff--my first love. If you are not reading his blog, start. Recommended.

Summer is here and I'm wearing lots of cargo shorts these days. The extra pockets called out for some kind of gadget so I began stuffing my VX-5R in the front left pouch. It is a little bulky for this duty and the wear was beginning to abrade the stenciling from the front of the radio. Obviously I need a new HT!
I had been considering both the Yaesu VX-2R and Icom IC-P7A when I noticed Yaesu is releasing the VX-3R. I'm not sure when this thing is shipping (or how much it will cost) but it seems worth a look. Certainly, it would fit nicely in these pockets.

Finally, I'm heading to Florida in June for a trade show. My company is kind enough to let me throw a couple of extra Pelican cases in the booth shipment meaning I can travel light and still operate HF at night. That reminds me: I have to get that stuff ready to ship, too. Looks like I have one more thing on the list for the weekend.


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