Monday, May 14, 2007

Shameless plug department

Welcome to the shameless plug department. I will not be blogging for a few days while I travel to Dayton and attend Contest University. So, please consider spending some of your valuable time catching up on the wonderful audio programs by

99 Hobbies - which features interviews with people just like you and me who are doing fun things with the hobby. Dave Bushong (KZ1O) believes that amateur radio is a very large umbrella under which many different interests and disciplines lie. One of the fan favorites is his interview with Diana Morse, descendent of another Morse that you might recognize!

Long Delayed Echoes - Jeff Davis (KE9V) produced a series of audio programs discussing ham radio during the Second World War. They are magnificent.

I have roughly 40 hours of driving ahead of me in the next week. I head to Dayton tomorrow afternoon and will stop somewhere between here and there to sleep. I'll complete the trip on Wednesday and rest before my class Thursday. What will I do to fill all that time? I have filled an iPod with all the 99 Hobbies and Long Delayed Echoes podcasts. I believe they will be every bit as fun the second time around.

A quick reminder: I will be meeting some other bloggers and those who read us at 6 PM in the Crowne Plaza Hotel lobby on Thursday evening. See you there!


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