Thursday, June 14, 2007

Field Day planning set

This last week has been a blur. Field Day is just around the corner and I have been doing lots of planning and work for our local club. This project, and a couple of others (also club-related) have kept me busy every waking hour. I just noticed it has been a week since my last post. My how time flies!
The big project this week was the completion of the Field Day Guide, a document over 20 pages in length covering all aspects of the Field Day planning from the antenna and radio setups to where to park. We covered it all! Also in the Guide are supplemental materials for the 22 Toolbox talks, brief hands-on, practical presentations given by members, for members. This is promising to be a great day!
I'm going to repeat myself: Field Day is a great opportunity to hone your planning skills. Develop an antenna plan. Figure out how you will manage inter-station interference. Did you remember to watch the solar activity 27 days before Field Day weekend?

I'm leaving for Florida on Sunday morning. I was going to send a bunch of radio equipment ahead and operate from down there, but I'm so backlogged on other things that would be irresponsible. So, I'll be brining my KX1, my Buddistick, and a whole bunch of stuff I have been neglecting. There is writing to do. I have several books to read.

I have a VE testing session Saturday morning. I believe this next one will be my 36th, all, or nearly all, for the MMRA club under Bill Wade. Bill (K1IJ) has almost exactly 100 more sessions to his total than I do. That's quite a record of service! Greg O'Brien (NE1OB) has been filling in when Bill is away. Between the two of them we are in good hands.

Again, sorry for the long silence. With Field Day preparations now in good shape, I should be returning back to my normal (daily) pace. By the way, during my week-long absence, an anniversary date quietly passed. It was one year ago on 12 June 2006 when I posted my first entry to this blog. So, Happy Birthday to 100 Pound DXpeditioners everywhere. Here's to all of you who have taken up the cause, packed a suitcase, and taken your love of amateur radio on the road. I salute you! And, I'll see you on the air!


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