Sunday, October 07, 2007

A small wager

I just returned from the Yankee Clipper Contest Club meeting. This is the first one held since the summer recess and clearly they wanted to "light a fire" underneath us to go out and kick butt. ("Kick butt!" is the club slogan. If you do any contesting at all, you've probably heard that on the air at least once.)
One of the suggestions from club president Mark Pride (K1RX) was to pick another club member to compete with in the next contest. I knew Paul Young (K1XM) was heading off to Saint Martin/Saint Maarten for CQ WW DX SSB so I let my hand pop up and said I'd be on St. Kitts. So, if Paul does Single Operator Low Power (SOLP), we'll compare scores.
Of course, if he does, I'm going to get my head handed to me. Paul is an extremely accomplished contester, world traveler, and very bright fellow. He's also expecting to have a log periodic for 20-10m on a 60 foot tower at his disposal. The only questions he has about his operation are "low power or high power?" (will his amplifier be there and working), and "assisted or unassisted"?) as he doesn't know about his internet connection options.
Just to give you some idea of how much trouble I'm in here, Paul's previous effort for this contest on Bermuda as VP9I delivered 2,905,112 points with 3,384 QSOs, 91 zones, and 301 countries. Putting this number in perspective is easy: Paul's single effort in one contest last year exceeded the sum of all my points from all contests. Ever.
Paul is the real deal and the "bet" is on. I now have one more goal for the trip (though realistically, this should be put squarely in the "stretch goal" category!). I'll make a note on the DXpedition web site how this worked out.

My beloved Chicago Cubs will need to wait another year to give its fans a championship. In the mean time, the Red Sox continue to perform. Even after a quarter century here in New England I'm still a Cub fan first and Red Sox fan second. So, while the Cubbies go home to lick their wounds, it looks like the Red Sox will advance to the next round.


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