Thursday, September 27, 2007

ZF2LH on 17m

I sneaked1 out of work early to come home and watch the Cubs game. Though I have a very short commute, I tuned up on 17m and found ZF2LH (Larry) on 18.15750 hanging out and putting a few QSOs in the log on the HFPack calling frequency. He was on a Buddipole and had a pretty good signal though the band was closing. I wonder what configuration he was using? Anyway, keep checking these higher bands for openings. They are open much more often than you might expect.

Before I became engrossed in the game, I was able to sort about 50 cards for the outgoing QSL buro. I'll drop that box in the mail tomorrow along with some direct requests that came this week. This means I have only a small handful of NE1RD/1 cards to turn around to be completely free of QSL cards. Hooray!

[1] I had written "snuck" as in "I had snuck out of work", but the dictionary insists that "sneaked" is preferred. Who knew?


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