Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weza first impressions

My Freeplay FreeCharge Weza just arrived from Sundance Solar. This will just be a couple of notes on first impressions. Here's the first note:
This thing is built like a tank. It appears to be very well constructed and rugged. It is also packaged very nicely with a rubber-bottom canvas bag that holds the Weza unit and all its accessories. The bag has a set of carrying handle straps and a shoulder strap with pad. Inside the bag are a number of pockets that hold the AC charger, the jumper cables, and a bunch of other connectors for running small radios or other electronics.
Freeplay Weza
The unit was plopped on my floor here in the office, I extended the rear stabilizer bar, and stepped on the charging lever. It made a very satisfying zoop! The LEDs arrayed near the top of the interface lit up indicating how well my charging effort was doing. That wimpy stomp I just gave it wasn't nearly what it could take. In fact, you could step on this thing vigorously about once a second to really put the alternator at top performance. The unit feels so solid I don't have any fears about an "overly athletic charging session" breaking the thing. After all, it isn't just a charging source, it is a workout program!
In short, this is a very nicely thought-out and packaged device. This will definitely be making the trip with me to Georges Island for the IOTA contest.
Finally (and this post I'll only have one "finally" instead of the two "finallys" I had the other day [grin]) a quick word about Sundance Solar. As per my earlier posts, I ordered this thing online off their web site on Saturday evening. Early Monday I received an email message from them telling me they had recomputed the shipping and thought I could still get it very quickly with the cheaper UPS ground method. They wanted to save me some money on shipping costs. If that was a problem, I could write them back. Obviously, they shipped it yesterday and I received it today. The paperwork for the sale is in the box with the unit and it is even signed by the Sundance Solar person that filled the order with a little smiley face. Quick service, responsive, and the product I ordered arrived quickly and safely. Now, for the words that make Sandy really nervous: "Good folks! I wonder what else they sell?"


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