Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I gave my presentation The 100 Pound DXpedition to the Colonial Wireless Association club in Concord this evening. What a great group! Many thanks to Steve Telsey (N1BDA) for inviting me.
The presentation, and just the chance to show off my toys and talk to interesting people, was a nice break from work. We've had a really big push which is now coming to a successful completion. It has left me pretty tired at the end of the day and eaten more weekend days than I'd like to admit. Still, I'm reminded of the Old Man's Amateur Radio Code and particularly point five:
[5] The amateur is balanced.... radio is his hobby. He never allows it to interfere with any of the duties he owes to his home, his job, his school, or his community.
I've not been making the progress I'd like in my planning for the Montserrat trip, but I've tried to stay true to the spirit of the code and keeping my priorities in order. That said, now that the project is coming to a close, I should have more of a normal life to move things forward.
Speaking of normal, Sandy and I will be taking a couple of days for a trip to see some baseball this weekend. I may leave the computer at home and skip blogging. We're taking a 10 hour drive to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates in their last home games. So, the plan is to finish this project, have a little family fun time, then buckle down and help get this Montsrrat trip planned. The fellas have been pretty patient, but now it is time to pull my weight!


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