Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years after

Today's entry is not about ham radio or DXpeditioning. Skip it if you like.

Today is September 11th and all of us remember what happened 5 years ago today. I was lucky. I didn't lose a child or spouse, parent or sibling, or even best friend. For those of you who did, I am deeply sorry and you have my best wishes.
There were two lost that day from my home town of Acton. I knew them both, not well, but I knew them. Amy Sweeney was my neighbor. We were both busy with our own lives and I only spoke with her a couple of times. Because we were neighbors, I thought there would always be more time to get to know each other.
Phil Rosenzweig worked in my building and on my floor at Sun Microsystems. Again, I did not know him well, but I did know him. With his office just a few hallways from mine, we probably brushed shoulders dozens or hundreds of times, smiling, saying "hello", and going on our way.
There were others lost that day that I knew. A young woman from a software quality interest group and a young man I tried to recruit to work for me are among them. I thought, perhaps, the wife of a good friend who worked at ground zero might be lost, but an all clear message from my friend, her husband, came a day or so later. She had been one of the thousands that had walked out of the city.
Sandy and I attended a small ceremony in Acton's center this morning. It was brief and solemn, with ringing of the bell from the nearby fire station for the "last alarm" for the brave firefighters and first responders lost, the playing of taps, and the lowering of flags. It felt right to be there, necessary to be there, though I cannot tell you why that is so.


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