Wednesday, September 06, 2006

That great QSL card design

I've got some great looking QSL cards in my very modest collection, a couple from famous DXpeditions like 3B9C, and many more from DXpeditions made by people like you and me. All these cards, the ones from the big DXpeditions and the ones made by we mere mortals, have one thing in common: they weren't created by luck or accident; they were well planned and executed.
One of the classic shots on a DXpedition is the team huddled in front of a flag or set of flags and banners. For the Montserrat DXpedition I have just received one of the props we will use for our group pictures. I ordered a 2x3 foot Montserrat National Flag and it locating it couldn't have been easier. I just went to Amazon and entered "Montserrat flag" in the search bar, picked the size I wanted from the list, and pressed "Add to cart". Simple! The order was actually fulfilled by Design A Product LLC in Tampa, Florida and it arrived without incident. The flag itself is nylon, feather light, and the colors are quite vibrant. It should make for a nice feature in our group photo.
In addition to the flag, I've printed a large roll-up (vinyl) banner of my 100 Pound DXpedition logo, and plan to print the BUMS logo as well. I expect the banners to hang in the operating areas at the villas and the flag to be used mostly for the group shot. It would be especially nice if the Montserrat Amateur Radio Society members would join us in that group shot!
The other common thread in these great QSL pictures is the classic DXpedition T-shirt. I've already sent out 100 Pound DXpedition T-shirts to the team members and plan on getting T-shirts made using the new Montserrat DXpedition logo I created. When I hit the big time, perhaps I'll have a first class graphics designer like Randy Juhl make us one as cool as the penguin they used for the Peter I trip. Until then, we'll have to make do with the matching T-shirts using my logo for the group shot.
The point of all this is plan ahead. Bring along props like banners or flags that will help you create that distinctive, gorgeous, and impressive QSL card. Just a little extra effort upfront will make your card, and your group, look like a class act. That great QSL card design begins with great pictures, including great group pictures. Props you bring from home for this purpose can really help.
Finally, I've got a couple of random thoughts. It is a little dangerous for me to write these blog entries and search for cool links. I just visited the Peter I web site and noticed they now have a DXpedition DVD available. So, I took a moment and ordered that {grin}.
And, I picked up my new car tonight. It is a new Honda Element (just the newer version of the one that was hit) and it is lovely. Now, of course, I have to get it back on the air!
New car


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