Thursday, September 28, 2006

A respite

We're packing up for the weekend trip to Pittsburgh. Sandy and I love baseball (it isn't all ham radio around here) and we always try to get at least one new Major League baseball park in our score books each year. This year will be the Pirates and PNC Park.
We're driving the 10 hours to Pittsburgh from Acton, Massachusettts and will be on HF for at least some of that time. I'll also bring an iPod full of 99 Hobbies podcasts that I know Sandy has not heard yet. If you've not given these a listen, do so!
There will be games on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Friday night is open, though, so I'll be doing some hotel balcony portable from the road. I just need to decide which kit to bring!
I'm leaving the computer at home. So, no blog for the next couple of days. But, when I return I'll be talking about the DXpedition manual, following up on the Montserrat licensing and MARS membership, and getting ready for contesting season.
Finally, I'd like to thank everybody for reading along with me on all this. Also, thank you to all who have written to me. I appreciate the feedback and interest expressed. See you Monday!


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