Friday, October 13, 2006

New G5RV

My post on the power management on the island will need to wait until tomorrow. I spent the morning shopping at HRO picking up some coax, dacron rope, and a new G5RV to hang here at the condo for the upcoming contests. The antenna needed to be stealthy and I found a nice one that has copper-clad steal arms and is all black in color. I then returned home and spent about 3 hours trying to get it hung in the trees. The center is up about 55 feet and one arm is mostly level and in the clear. The other arm caught under a branch in a nearby tree and needs to be freed. I may get to that tomorrow.
Given that Buffalo got a record setting snowstorm today, I thought it would be best to get this antenna work done before our area succumbs to a similar fate. I know the bad weather is right around the corner!
The other reason to make the HRO trip was to get coax to put with the new Pelican cases. I have been trying to create complete, ready-to-go setups for each radio but had recently been "borrowing" from different setups to make these Georges Island trips. This is a mistake, and I know it. It almost cost me the day I made that last trip to Georges Island for the season. I didn't mention it the other day but Sandy and I were in the car, ready to go, when I realized I had brought no coax with me. That, of course, would have been a disaster! I want to have a run of coax in the bottom of each Pelican case. Today, I bought the coax to make that happen.
I should make a complete inventory of each case. I had made one for the case with the FT-897D, but have not done it for the K2's case or for the new IC-7000's case. Perhaps if I get the G5RV fixed, I'll do this was well.
Finally, I'll be speaking to the Boston Amateur Radio Club on Thursday, October 19th, presenting my talk "The 100 Pound DXpedition". If you are in the Boston area, drop by!


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