Thursday, October 12, 2006

RSGB 2006 IOTA Contest results are in

The unofficial RSGB IOTA contest results are in and, as expected, I will come in 2nd in my category of QRP SSB DXpedition with 12 hour operating time. You can see the results here. The bottom line is Petar (9A6A), the President of the Croatian Radio Amateur Association, cleaned my clocks with a fantastic effort and score of 62646 points versus my paultry 6084 points. Interestingly, he didn't have that many more QSOs than me, but he had four times the multipliers. Congratulations Petar!
The contest was one of the best run contests I've ever entered. The log submission process was easy and well considered, and the results were computed and released in a relatively short amount of time (just a couple of months). There is even a place next to my entry where you can click on a map to see my operating position from a satellite view. Very, very nice!
I had two bad QSOs (one a multiplier, sadly), three duplicates, and 97 good log entries. The duplicates can't be helped. If somebody calls you a second time, you just log it because you can't be sure it is really a duplicate. Perhaps the previous entry was erroneous. The bad QSOs were caused by me not capturing the other station's serial number in my log. One mumbled their number and then disappeared; the other one I just goofed up on. So, my error rate is still one or two per hundred QSOs. Too high! As I said the other day, this is something to work on.
I'm taking Friday off from work and hope to do a little home improvement around the condo. I'll also have a little more time for a better edited, and hopefully more informative piece on power management issues I had on Georges Island this summer.


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