Thursday, November 16, 2006

Conference call

Things are heating up on the Montserrat trip planning front. I received two packages of licensing materials today and I know other packages are on their way. Once I've received all six (mine makes seven), I'll send them off to the island. (We're working out the details of who to send them to now.)
I also received a big bag of T-shirts from Cafe Press today, and the new shirts look great! I'll send those shirts to the team in the morning.
Finally, I made the suggestion to the group that we have a conference call once a week to get some of these details nailed down. There is a service called Free Conference that seems to work well, and it is free.
In our first call I've suggested we discuss:
  1. Status updates on the big stuff -- Flights, licenses.
  2. Radio equipment selection -- each of us give some indication of what you're bringing.
  3. Packing options -- How do you expect to pack it and get it there? Who wants to share a golf case?
  4. Buddipole "mystery" stuff -- How much experimental stuff will be brought?
  5. Alternative power options for portable operation -- Bring rechargeable batteries? Buy batteries (car/boat) while there? Solar panels to supplement operation?
  6. Recording our adventure -- Audio recording options? Video recording options
  7. Marketing -- Web site plans and updates. DVD/video planning. Dayton planning. Thoughts on magazine articles to be written.
  8. On-island communication plan -- Safety planning. General coordination.

I'm sure once we get going there will be lots more to talk about. Plus, it will be the first time I will have spoken with some team members! With about two months to go, this seemed like the next logical step.
(By the way faithful readers, tonight marks the 150th blog entry. I hope you are finding at least some of this helpful!)


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