Friday, November 10, 2006

The plane! The plane!

A small wrinkle in our Montserrat plans has cropped up. It seems Gerald's Airport on Montserrat closed for some time in October. An article in The Montserrat Reporter said the airport closed for a couple days and had cancelled flights a couple more. This disquieting quote from that article has certainly gotten our attention:
The situation is aggravated by the many complaints of the lack of information regarding cancelled flights where the public is left in limbo after check-in, both in Antigua and Montserrat, and not being told very little or nothing about what steps are being taken to get them to their destination.
Our plan is still to get an airplane ride from Antigua to Montserrat, but this revelation has made us start to consider other options such as a boat charter. There are seven of us so even $1000 round trip for the group would be under $150 a head. Of course we'd like to do it for less, but at this point we've got to find a reliable way to get on, and off, the island.
I was monstrously busy at work this week (hence the skimpy postings to the blog) but I think I might make a phone call down to the Montserrat Tourist Board and ask, "just what the heck is going on down there?!"


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