Sunday, November 12, 2006


I wanted to do computer-based logging while on Monsterrat but was a little nervous hauling my 17" PowerBook on the trip. What I needed was a smaller, lighter, and, to be honest, cheaper alternative so I could cut down on my weight, and risk, but still have a reliable computer. Having more options would also be nice. Being able to run some version of Windows directly on the machine (in addition to MacOS X) would mean I would have the ability to do anything that was supported by either operating system.
I had done some experimentation with parallels last month and found it ran Windows 98 quite nicely. You can find that post here. I was able to do rig control, run Ham Radio Deluxe and N1MM logger, and even use the RIGTalk to make the connection between the radio and the computer.
With these experiments a success, I took the plunge today and purchased a new MacBook now dubbed HamMac (pronounced like "hammock"). I got the stock, low-end model with the 13-inch screen and 1.83 GHz processor. The unit performs well and it only took me a few minutes to transfer the work I had done on the Mac mini to the new machine and get things up-and-running.
I'll be trying some other stuff between now and departure, but I think I'm in pretty good shape on this part of the equipment planning. Of course, the thing I need to do next it put it on the scale (it should come in at about 5 pounds + the charger).


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