Sunday, December 17, 2006

Assembling the station

I assembled the radio, mixer, computer, tuner, power supply, and accessories today just as I hope to have them on Montserrat. You can see the setup below.
tangle of wires
This is a tangle of wires, but it need not be. Today, I just wanted to make sure I had every cable I needed, and that everything talked nicely to everything else. I was able to record several hours of audio from the IC-7000, confirm that the computer control worked properly, and do some other tests. HF conditions were pretty poor today so I didn’t try to make any contacts or record my side of a QSO. Also, I’ve ordered a desk microphone that should arrive tomorrow to give me another option for picking up audio from my side of the conversation.
This exercise was quite helpful. Other than seeing I’ll need to do a better job of organizing the wires, I discovered a few missing cables and adapters I needed to make this work. A quick trip to Radio Shack fixed that. What I need, to ensure I can reproduce this system, is a wiring diagram. Below is a low resolution version of that diagram.
wiring diagram
None of this speaks to the problem of antenna planning, nor have I received (and integrated into this mess) the band pass filters I just ordered. Just what this setup needs: more wires. {grin} Still, it was something of a relief to get everything I did have assembled and working. I’m really quite excited about the on-air recording portion of this. It should make for some interesting audio clips for the DVD and for future 100 Pound DXpedition presentations.


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