Friday, December 15, 2006

Looking for more volunteers in the group

The BUMS hold a conference call each Sunday evening at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time. The service works very well for this. If you need to organize a conference call, give this a try.
The next couple of Sunday evenings after this weekend fall on holidays: Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. So, this will be our last conference call this year. Any work done after Sunday night will be through either email or the group-private web site for the rest of the year. I knew that the last half of December is basically lost when we began planning for this trip in the Summer months. By the time January 1st rolls around, we’ll have less than 4 weeks until our departure. That sure isn’t much time!
I asked for volunteers for two positions last weekend: Activities Coordinator, and Equipment Coordinator. This week, I’m seeking two more volunteers for the following positions:
  • Propagation and Band Management (PROP) - There is lots of planning and paperwork that can be done prior to departure to help organize our on-air work. Having a list of sun rise and sun set time for our location and other parts of the world, for example, is very helpful. Knowing the band plans for Montserrat and how they line up with band plans for Japan, Europe, and other places is also helpful. I started working on this, and wanted to include it in my DXpedition manual (which I cannot complete because of time pressures). I’m hoping one volunteer (with helpers, of course) can pull some of this information together.

  • CFO - We should have one person be "point" on the money matters. This really means creating and maintaining the master spreadsheet of costs, moneys collected from team members, and helping assess who-owes-who-what. This is somebody who wants to hold on to the receipts, enter stuff into a spreadsheet, and help us divide up the bill at the end.

There will likely be other positions opened after the new year: food chairman, motor pool chief, etc. I’ll figure that out later. Right now, these two new positions seem important, so we’ll fill them. (We also need to fill the Equipment Coordinator... I have taken it temporarily, but my plate is already full with other stuff.)
Truth be told, much of this stuff should have been assigned at least a month ago. I’ll know better next time.


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