Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Filters ordered... maybe

Only a brief entry tonight (it is after midnight here) as we just returned from the season opener for the Boston Holiday Pops concerts. A little punch, a little carrot cake, and soon I’ll be ankle deep in Boston slush. I know its coming! {grin}
I called Craig at Radioware in Rindge, New Hampshire this morning to order the ICE filters mentioned yesterday. Craig was one of the fellows I spoke with at Sunday’s Yankee Clipper Contest Club meeting. As it turns out, the very person I needed to order the filters from was sitting right next to me at the meeting! (I saved this last tidbit for today’s blog.) Craig took me aside after I had talked with several other club members and told me what my options were. I agreed to call him this morning.
It isn’t clear if the ICE 419B mode is available, or if it could be delivered in time for the trip. (Gee, I really should have thought of this sooner!) Craig will contact ICE for me and determine what options I might have. He also asked, in the event the 6 band 419B model isn’t available, if I wanted individual filters. Do I? I’m not sure. I told Craig if the 6 band unit isn’t an option, I’ll need to reassess.
Finally, I got a quick note late this evening from our contact on Montserrat. He has the physical paper license for the last couple of licenses for the newest team members. We have the electronic version, so this is a little anticlimactic, but it is still very, very good news.


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