Thursday, December 21, 2006

Island tours

While it is certainly my intention to put a lot of QSOs in the log while on Montserrat, there are other things that can be done on the island as well. We're now carefully looking through our options. I'd like to take a helicopter tour of the Soufriere Hills volcano and get some video of the trip (I believe it would be a great addition to the DXpedition video I am planning), though there has been some chatter on the list that this may be a bit more expensive than I had planned. I need to get that nailed down soon.
There is a dive shop called the The Green Monkey that has some interesting tours we've discussed. (Of course they offer scuba diving trips, too.) There is an island tour by boat which would give me a chance to see the Plymouth, the capital now in ruins under the ash, the old airport, and, of course, the volcano. It blows half a day, but it is one of the only ways to see the parts of the island now in the exclusion zone.
There is a small area call Rendezvous Bay that has interesting possibilities. We're considering a trip to that area, located in the Northwest part of the island, for a picnic, maybe a little snorkeling, and a whole lot of right-on-the-salt-water operations.
Returning to dry land, we're also hoping to do a tour at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory where we can learn a great deal of history about the volcano, maybe talk with some of the scientists there, and hopefully do some portable operation from that location as well. Since the volcano, and its observatory, are one of the signature spots on the island, and of the Caribbean itself, this seems like a natural place to soak up the sights and strut our stuff!
There are many more things that could be done on the island, but my emphasis will be on executing on my plans for a successful DXpedition, that is, a successful 100 Pound DXpedition, and capturing enough audio, video, and still photographs so I can convey to others just how much fun we had. If I can manage that, it will be a successful trip indeed.


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