Thursday, November 23, 2006

The reappearance of our applications?

I had posted recently about our efforts to obtain licenses from the Montserrat authorities. I had abandoned all hope that the envelope full of application forms and pictures would be found and processed by the authorities on the island and so I had collected a new set of materials from the members. The pile now sits on my dining room table nearly ready for mailing.
Imagine my surprise to hear from Bob Follett (AB7ST) that our wayward envelop may not be so lost after all. Word has filtered back that our application may be on the desk of the Licensing officer on Montserrat. Of course, that envelope only contains the forms for the first five members of the crew and not the latest two (Bob, AB7ST and Tom Clarke, W4OKW). So, there is still work to do.
I sent around a mail message today asking for advice from the group on how to proceed. The consensus was to go ahead and send the second package of materials to our contact on Montserrat and let him work out the details, including any duplicate applications. That sounds reasonable to me.
So, my plan is to complete my application in the morning, write a letter to accompany the package, and get it to Federal Express for shipment to the island. Even by Federal Express, it will be a couple of days before the package is received on the island. Sigh. I should have started this much earlier.


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