Thursday, December 07, 2006

Solar events and legalese reports that strong radiation storm is raging and that a rush of protons detected by satellites might be the leading edge of a CME. That won’t be good for HF communication!
One of the nice things about this site is the fabulous images of the Sun shown right on the front page. I’m a sucker for pretty pictures. Of course, there are desktop tools that help you get a sense of all this, too. I own DX Toolbox which gives me all sorts of images, graphs, and data. It is basically a data aggregator and presentation tool, collecting images and data from NOAA and other places. Here’s a graph that shows that rush of protons. A picture certainly is worth a thousand words.
Needless to say, I’m happy this is happening now and not while we’re on the island. I’ve already had something like that happen to me once. My buddy Dave and I ran a special event station in Maine this year. I got started on Wednesday, he joined me on Friday morning just as a major solar event hit. Ugly. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ll be looking 27 days in advance of the trip to see what conditions are like.
I made a few updates to the DXpedition web site today and have more planned. I also completed a draft of the General Agreement for all DXpedition team members. This is a single page document that outlines the legal obligations and responsibilities we all have (pay your fair share, etc.). The group should review this in the next few days.


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