Monday, February 19, 2007


I have created some software to support my DXpeditioning needs. The web pages were created by me using some pretty simple off-the-shelf tools, but the online logs were generated by some software I wrote prior to departure. I didn't get a chance to finish that software before I left. I picked up that project again today.
The software generates the static pages allowing visitors to see if they are in the log. That part works (though it still needs a little polish). I had also intended to create additional pages that showed interesting statistics like the number of QSOs made, the countries worked, bands covered, percentage of QSOs by mode, CQ zones worked, and so on. That's the stuff I was working on today. I've not finished anything yet, but I'm pretty sure those preliminary statistics that I put out at the end of the trip were incomplete (or inaccurate). I'll know more when I've finished this software, and I'll post the results, of course, but we probably had more QSOs than I originally stated. It will be nice to get those final figures.
The other software I'm anxious to try is QSLpro, the QSL card label printing software. I can't use that until the cards arrive, of course, but once I've had a chance to shake out the program on our QSL cards, I'll make it generally available. I'm sure lots of people could make use of that program.
As for the web site log processing software, I'm not sure if I'll publish that stuff. The program(s) are not nearly as polished as the QSLpro program and its utility is not as general. Maybe this is just a another way of saying I'm too lazy to finish the software, or hesitant to expose code that is not my best work. Ah, pride goeth before a fall. {grin}
I'll try to get that log statistics software finished within the next week or so. It should be fun to really get the final and accurate statistics on this trip finally up on the web site. Of course I'll announce that here when it is complete.


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