Saturday, April 28, 2007

K3... oh my!

I've been reading blogs with a program called Newsfire since the first of the year. It is a nice program which helps me keep track of what I've read and what I've not. I fired it up this morning and noticed Long Delayed Echoes had a new entry. I took a peek and have been unsettled since.
Jeff's post had a heads-up about the new Elecraft K3. It is a beauty. It is also a full-featured, no compromise radio that should stand toe-to-toe with others in its class including the FT-2000 and IC-756ProIII. It will be fun to watch the reviews roll in.

I love my K2 and had talked seriously about building another with the 100 watt PA option. Needless to say, I've got other plans now!
I spent some time today crimping connectors for the new solar panel and charge controller. The rain held off long enough for me to get all these pieces outside with a VOM, battery, and radio. Everything appears to work properly. I'm now ready for Field Day and trips to the Boston Harbor Islands.
Another stack of QSL cards has grown while I wasn't looking including a drop from the QSL Bureau. Surprisingly, there were no Montserrat cards in with the pile from the BURO. I guess either everybody sent their card directly, or I'll start seeing VP2M requests in the next drop. Either way, I should turn around all the requests I've received by the end of the weekend and have them back in the mail Monday. So, if you're waiting on a card expect it soon.
I received the official invitation for my nieces high school graduation today. Like her elder sister, she is an exceptional student and wonderful human being, bright, articulate, and charming. (Hard to believe she's a relative of mine, huh!) Anyway, her graduation is the Sunday of Hamvention meaning I'll need to cut my trip to Dayton short so I can drive to Chicago Saturday morning. It is a little sad to be missing most of the show but I wouldn't miss Katie's graduation for the world!
So, my schedule has me arriving on Wednesday evening and spending all day Thursday in Contesting University. After classes conclude there will be a gathering of ham radio bloggers (and those who have the stomach to read us!) in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the lobby about 6 PM on May 17th. Food and drink will follow shortly afterwards. I hope you'll join us!


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