Friday, April 06, 2007

No K1P or Deer Isle this year

They are here! The QSL cards for the Montserrat trip have arrive and they are gorgeous! When you get your card and see the beautiful pictures, you might ask yourself, "Could it really be that beautiful there?" The answer is, "YES!" I've got a lot of work ahead of me to get all these QSL card requests fulfilled. I'll start that this weekend. It will take a while. Please be patient. Also, now would be a good time to verify that you're really in the on-line log. Problems? Email me.
I had to cancel my trip to Deer Isle this year. We had reserved the call sign K1P for our special event station commemorating Patriots Day. Alas, deadline pressures at work forced me to nix the trip. It really is a beautiful place (check out the pictures) and Carol Avery has been a wonderful host, but the responsible thing to do is skip it this year and make my deadline.
Though I won't be going to Maine this year, I still have a number of experiments I'd like to perform before both the IOTA contest in July and my St. Kitts trip. I guess I'll be doing these a little at a time, rather than in bunches as I would have done in Maine. The other thing that I had hoped to do while in Maine was finally assemble my K1. Sandy gave me this kit for Valentine's Day last year (she really knows the way to my heart!) and I've been trying to find a nice chunk of time where I can sit quietly and assemble it. If you've never built an Elecraft kit, let me tell you: it is a joy to build it and then operate it. It still waits for me...
Finally, where are my copies of QST and CQ Magazine? I never received last month's copy of CQ and now both magazines are missing. Normally, I would get the April issue of both magazines in late March. This is already the end of the first week in April. Is anybody else missing their copies?


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