Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nice to be thanked

I sent a letter via FAX down to St. Kitts today asking for help straightening out my call sign. I've asked if they would issue me V44RD. Again, this was my goof-up for not being more specific in my initial request. We'll see how long this takes to fix.
I just got home from a nice dinner with local club members where we discussed our Field Day plans. This year our club is going to do things a little differently than we'd done before. Our goal is to have Field Day be an Elmering event with a concentration on members helping other members try new things and learn new skills. We're not worried about our score, we aren't worried about QSO rates or scheduling operators. Instead, we're pulling together lists of interesting topics for hands-on demonstrations and mini-talks (perhaps 15 minutes or less). I'll have more on this as we get closer to that last weekend in June.
Finally, I help with testing sessions for hams once a month (or so). This is always rewarding but this last session held Saturday had a man bringing his grandson. Both were sitting for the Extra exam. Last night I received a mail message forwarded by Bill, the session organizer, originally from that gentleman. Here's what he had to say:

Just wanted to drop a line and say Thank You to you and your group of volunteers for their time. It was a great experience being able to upgrade at the same time with [my grandson]. I always asked myself why I didn't upgrade years ago? I guess there was a reason. I'm glad I waited. Thanks again for a great experience for both of us.

It was fun having these two fellows in our session. Both had studied hard and had done well. It is also nice to be thanked for our efforts. Congratulations, guys!


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