Friday, July 21, 2006

Doing my homework the night before

As the meeting here in Florida was winding up the group began the usual chatter of "when does your flight leave?" and, if leaving tomorrow, "what's on tap for tonight?" I tried to recruit folks to join me tonight at the Florida Marlins game but could get no takers. Tonight's game was excellent.
I also chatted to the stragglers left in the meeting (those that were not sprinting out the door for the airport) about tomorrow's task of learning about the boat charter situation for my Cay Sal Bank adventure. There were no other hams in the group (the only lapsed ham was one of those doing the airport sprint) so I got a lot of blank stares and "you must be nuts" looks. I probably am. [grin]
I'm up late on Friday night surfing for candidates for tomorrow's trip up the coast. I've not really done enough research and I'll be scrambling tonight and early tomorrow morning to find possible charter companies to talk to -- but I have no regrets going to the ball games. I'll post the list that I come up with.


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