Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Off to Florida

I'm heading off to Florida this afternoon for a conference. I've not had much time to research possible boat charters for the Cay Sal Bank trip. My goal still to spend some time along the coast, from Miami to Hollywood, to see if I can find some people to talk to about this idea.
I've stuffed DXpeditioning Basics by Wayne Mills (N7NG) and DXpeditioning: Behind the Scenes - A Manual for DXPeditioners and DXers by Neville Cheadle G3NUG and Steve Telenius-Lowe G4JVG in my bag. I've mentioned these works before. Perhaps this trip I'll actually get a chance to go through them again! What I'm trying to get out of these works is the start of my own DXpedition manual that covers all the things we should have worried about and handled on our trip. These things could range from "model release forms" for the videos and still photographs that might be taken, to releases of liabilities wavers, to how we will handle QSLing. All these things need to be worked out. I'm pretty sure much of this would also be reusable on several trips--once I develop it in the first place!
Blogging will be light during my trip. I'll be back very late Saturday night or Sunday morning.


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