Monday, August 07, 2006

Where's Waldo?

I just got off the phone with Force-12. I called to see if they had indeed shipped my Sigma-5 antenna yet. I had order this some time ago and my American Express card was charged early last month. So, where it it?! (I've now dubbed my errant antenna "Waldo".)
The woman at Force-12 said that there had been a "small mixup" but it should be shipping out tomorrow. OK. Good. (Of course, I'll never know if it was already going to be shipping tomorrow, or, if my phone call prompted them to ship it tomorrow.)
This is my second order with Force-12. The first order for a Force-12 product was placed last winter, an indirect order through Ham Radio Outlet. I had ordered the Force-12 C3SS through HRO and it was to be drop shipped to me from the Force-12 factory. Finally, after I decided I had waited long enough, I called HRO and asked, "where is it?!" HRO suggested I follow up with the factory. I called (this was just a few weeks before my St. John trip) and was told the order had been lost. Oops. But, to their credit, they expedited shipping to me and got it here in a couple of days to make amends. Alas, it was still too little time for me to become comfortable with it enough to take it to St. Johns (though it did get a workout on Deer Isle).
Today's call was a similar thing: they've had my money for a while but nothing shipped. Well, if they really ship it tomorrow and I get it soon thereafter, OK (I guess). It is a little awkward to see your credit card charged and no product appearing for weeks, though.
To be clear: I really liked the C3SS. It is a very nice antenna. (I've since sold it but only because I was concerned about the weight, not the performance.) I've had two telephone conversations with the Force-12 factory and in both they were pleasant and courteous. One conversation immediately resolved my problem (last winter). The jury is out on this latest one.
Force-12 seems to make great stuff--though you might want to be a bit deliberate following up with them after you order (getting tracking numbers and so on). I'll let everybody know when Waldo (my Sigma-5) finally arrives.


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