Monday, July 31, 2006

Log now on RSGB logs received page with picture

The Radio Society of Great Britain Contest Committee web site has a page for the log submissions from this weekend's IOTA contest. You can find my entry in the N's as NE1RD/1. Next to it is a little icon indicating I've also uploaded a picture with my log. If you hover your cursor over that little picture icon you'll see a pop-up window with a thumbnail of the picture and the caption. (Of course I've got a typo in the caption. I should know better than to do this stuff late on a Sunday night.)
A direct link to the page with the photo is here. This is the photo I used for the front of the QSL card being prepared by the QSL works, too.
So far, at least, I'm the only one in the IOTA DXpedition single-operator unassisted SSB 12H QRP category. I guess if it stays that way, I win that category [grin].
P.S. This is the 50th post to my blog. I hope everybody reading it is having as much fun as I am writing it. Thank for stopping by!
-- Scott (NE1RD)


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