Friday, August 04, 2006

LoTW for NA-148 DXpedition

On Wednesday I discussed uploading your log to eQSL to give people credit for the QSOs you've made on your DXpedition electronically. Adding a new QTH to the eQSL system is pretty easy. Today I'll talk about the other electronic QSLing program sponsored by the ARRL called Logbook of The World (LoTW).
If you already have an account on LoTW then getting a new certificate and adding a new QTH is pretty straightforward--though there are a lot of steps involved. Rather than discuss all those steps here, I decided it would be better to write them up and publish them on my home page. In fact, I expect to have several helpful pages like this so, with complete respect for the good folks at QST, I've created a new little area on my home page called Hints and Kinks where I can put stuff like this. The very first entry in this new section is a piece on how to add a QTH to your LoTW account. The direct link to this page is here.
I went through this exercise yesterday and by this morning I had 10 QSLs! The list included Wales, Mexico, and eight USA QSOs in seven states. Not bad at all!
Now, I love QSLing. I love to get cards in the mail (a small pile has already formed after last weekend's contest), I love looking at the cards and reading them, and I even love filling out the return cards, writing a little note on them and doing all the log up-keep. To me, this is restful and a way to experience the QSOs long after they happened.
I know others don't feel this way and believe QSLing is drudgery. Well, for those of you who are closer to that end of the spectrum the LoTW is a fantastic option. You can give full credit for QSOs that can be used for ARRL awards such as DXCC and WAS just by going through a few steps to get your certificate established and then uploading your log. Easy as pie.
I hope you will use both LoTW and eQSL to give your contacts all the options they deserve. After the small startup cost on this, the process is quite easy and may really make somebody's day.
Don't forget to stop by my home page to see the new write-up on LoTW.

I am planning on another visit to Georges Island tomorrow. Look for me on 20m and maybe even 15m if there is an opening. See you on the bands!


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