Thursday, September 14, 2006

Group think on logging

Traffic on the private Montserrat email reflector our VP2M has picked up. As Chris pointed out,
It seems to me that much of what we're doing here in preparation is helping to create a template for future "100 pound dxpeditions."

Absolutely! This planning and learning we are doing for this trip should translate to other trips. So, though it may seem occasionally (even to me) that we're being deliberate and obsessive, it is all worthwhile.
Today's exchanges were mostly around our plans for computer logging. Who is bringing a computer? How will we get Logbook of the World (LoTW) and eQSL updated? For example, LoTW requires that you have private keys to sign your log files before submission. I've suggested that everybody put these credentials on thumb drives and practice using these credentials on a separate computer.
Also, I asked the group to ensure that they all have LoTW and eQSL accounts. It is reasonably easy to add a new call sign to an existing account with these services; getting an account started is a bit more difficult, especially with LoTW which requires a whole step with a postcard.
I'm sticking with my plan to write a little software that will process all these logs and update the web site each day. Oh, one more thing to double-check: we believe the villas have internet access, but Chris is going to follow up to make sure.
This kind of planning, how we will be accomplishing logging, is precisely the kind of thing you want to get settled early in your planning. I'm pretty sure our group will have this one in the bag within the next week or so.
The group is starting to get very excited about the trip. I believe the mailing of the licensing materials has made it more real for me. Perhaps others had the same emotion run over them when they heard that one very formal part of the preparation had happened. This is going to be great!


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