Friday, October 20, 2006

Parallels and Win98 up-and-running

I had a wonderful time last night speaking to the Boston Amateur Radio Club in West Newton. That's a fun group! Because I didn't know how close I could park, I only brought the IC-7000 system, the Buddipole, and the Buddistick as my show-and-tell items. There was particular interest in the Buddipole as some of the members run a station for SKYWARN Recognition Day (which will be December 2 this year) and thought the Buddipole would be an excellent choice for the temporary and short-duration operation. I agree!
My copy of Windows 98 that I had bought on eBay came yesterday and I finally got a chance to open it tonight and try it. It was indeed a fresh, shrink-wrapped copy and it loaded into Parallels easily. After installing a couple of optional things from the Parallels distribution CD, I now have my choice of screen resolutions for the display in the VM, which is really nice. Also, the problem I had the other day with the system not wanting to connect properly to the internet disappeared. The web browser came up immediately and successfully loaded a web page.
I've tried two things so far: Morse Runner and N1MM Logger. Morse Runner failed because, somehow, there wasn't a sound device configured within Windows 98. OK. I'm downloading the driver now. {sigh} N1MM came up immediately and worked fine, though the trick will be to get it to talk to the radio via a USB serial port. It is too late to try that tonight; that will have to be tomorrow's adventure. Still, It is running very smoothly so far. I think the likelihood of getting hammac has gone up considerably!
While I was sitting here I noticed the Windows 98 display went black and shrunk down on the Mac Mini. For a moment, I panicked: did it just crash? No. The stupid energy saver kicked in and it "turned off the monitor". This, apparently, forced the window to resize. I'm turning that thing off as soon as I post this! First, it is disconcerting to have the software appear to do something crazy when you're not touching it, and, secondly, having Windows "turn off the monitor" in energy saver mode isn't going to save a watt! It was interesting to see how Parallels handled that, though.
I'm helping out at a VE testing session in the morning for the MMRA group. Then, I believe it will be time for more shack cleaning and baseball in the evening. The World Series begins tomorrow!


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