Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Montserrat team finalized

I have more exciting news about the Montserrat DXpedition trip. We had kept it under wraps for a while but one team member, Dan Gagnon (WZ1P) , had to drop out because of a conflict. Dan has provided valuable input during the trip's planning process and will continue to be an active team member, though he won't be going to the island with us in January. We had hoped to go with seven operators so a careful search was made to complete the team. That search ended this week.
Bob Follett (AB7ST) and Tom Clarke (W4OKW) have agreed to join us on the adventure. You can read about our newest team members on the biography page of the VP2M Dxpedition web site. Their additions bring the team up to lucky seven members.
Our villas in Gingerbread Hill will comfortably house our team, though we'll be bunking together even before we arrive. Most of us need to rendezvous in Orlando for our very early flight Monday morning (29 Jan), we've decided to fly in Sunday afternoon and split some hotel rooms in the Hyatt that night. This will also give us one last chance for an equipment check (and that last trip to Radio Shack if we've goofed up something). And, since our flights arrive so late on the return trip, we've decided to bunk there again on Tuesday, February 6th.
The last step is to book the charter from Antigua to the island. We hope to get a Twin Otter that will comfortably haul all of us, and our equipment (100 pounds each, remember?) with a little room and luxury. Perhaps that will be settled tomorrow.


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