Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Montserrat flight reservations

I made a couple of phone calls today to California to see if I could get the ball rolling on flights. It worked! Email messages have been pouring in from members of the group with their flight information and seat assignments.
The current plan is for us to rendezvous in Orlando on Sunday, January 28th and head out first thing in the morning for San Juan and then on to Antigua. There is a small airline that shuttles between Antigua and Montserrat that will take us the rest of the way.
The return trip is just as circuitous, plus there is that whole business about getting to Orlando in the first place, and then getting home again. Still, now that I've actually booked my flights this whole thing is starting to feel more "real" to me. I'm sure that feeling will become even more prevalent once the credit card bill for all these flights arrives! {grin}
We're still working out that last leg of the flight. The bag weight restrictions all the way to Antigua conform nicely to all my prattling about 2 bags, 50 pounds each, 100 pounds total, plus a little carry on bag (thank you). The little puddle-jumper airline that makes that last leg is a bit more restrictive. We hope to work out those last details in the next couple of days. When we do, and when we book that last flight, we'll have everything we need (except licenses) to get there, stay there, and work the world from there.
I had said that I wanted to have most of this settled before November 1st and it looks as though we made that goal (mostly). Once all this logistical stuff is taken care of, we'll need to turn our attention back to the details of actually operating on the island (and planning for it). We've got about 89 days before we leave. Let the countdown begin!


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