Sunday, October 29, 2006

CQWW SSB 2006 now in the can

After a contest, many people submit summaries of their adventure to the 3830 list. An easy way to do this is through the on-line web form. Here's the result from my effort this weekend.

Call: NE1RD
Operator(s): NE1RD
Station: NE1RD

Operating Time (hrs): 24+?

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80:   23     6       12
   40:   18     9       10
   20:   73    15       31
   15:   59    14       35
   10:    9     4        6
Total:  182    48       94  Total Score = 61,202

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

QRP with just a single G5RV up about 50 feet was about as I expected it to be with a few surprises. I worked Hawaii, New Zealand, and a few other far away places. The bands were reasonably quiet so the trick was to speak (and be heard) when nobody else was talking.  
Most QSOs, once I was in the clear, had easy exchanges. Some were tough, and for that I'm grateful to the good ears on the other end. Surprises, if any, where how effective 10 & 15m were even at the bottom of the cycle.
The score above is approximate. I'm still working on the score calculation in Cab-converter. N1MM gives me a slightly higher score.
A couple of funny things always happen in a contest. This time, A fellow from Europe (no, I'm not going to give the callsign) was calling CQ but not hearing any of us here stateside. So, chatter erupted with one station transmitting, "OK. Now switch the antenna to the receiver...", and another saying (after hearing some big guns call with no answer), "I don't feel so badly now." I replied, "I'm QRP: nobody hears me." With that I got a few chuckles.
Tomorrow we're back to planning for the Montserrat trip. I really want to be booking flights, making hotel reservations, and generally getting things finalized within the next few days. I had original hoped to get most of the heavy-lifting done by November 1st. We'll see how close I come to making that date.


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