Saturday, December 23, 2006

DXpedition announcements

Things are pretty quiet around the condo this weekend. I've only been puttering around picking up things and either repairing them, putting them away in their proper place, or both.
I've been checking the web site statistics and noticed people have been visiting from a large variety of places. A quick Google search and I ended up with a long list of people that have picked up our announcements. What is below is by no means complete, but it is a representative collection of places now listing our little adventure.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin
Announced DX Operations
Announced DX Operations RSS
UK Six Metre Group
QRP Amateur Radio Club International
radioamatorismului romanesc
DX Bulletin of XE1BEF
Radio Society of Great Britain IOTA
VA3RJ Islands, Castles & Portable Operations
Active Hams (Japanese)
INFO-DX par F5NQL (French)
DX Info Clubul Radioamatorilor "ISTRITA" BUZAU
Noticias de el mundo del DX por EA5KY
UBA (Belgium) DX News
One particular announcement, at, was particularly nice as they had brought in our logo, the Buddipole Antennas logo, and my 100 Pound DXpedition logo. They also created an interesting stylized "VP2M" graphic to accompany the announcement. It looks quite nice!
I would like to thank everybody who has picked up our announcement and encourage anybody who would like to help publicize our DXpedition contact me directly. (My call sign at ARRL dot net)
Best wishes for the season. I wish everybody good health, safe travel, and happiness. 73!
-- Scott (NE1RD)


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