Monday, April 30, 2007

A message from Elecraft

It seems like every blog I read regularly is talking about the new Elecraft K3 radio. I'm an unabashed Elecraft fan and always thought that these radios were made with me in mind: low power, low profile, portable, simple, and elegant. My beliefs in this regard were confirmed in a very unusual way this weekend by an email message from Wayne Burdick as shown below.

Hi Scott,

As the principal designer of the K3, I was tickled to run across
your blog ("100 pound DXpedition"). I didn't realize it until now,
but we designed the K3 specifically with you in mind :)

I like your concept of lightweight DXpeditions so much that I'd
like to help promote your site somehow. Perhaps the feeling might be mutual?

My partner Eric and I could do a guest posting to your blog, or
we could do a brief interview on the design philosophy of the new
radio. I haven't ever asked about such a possibility, so my apologies
if I'm way off base in how I might approach you about this.

I previously designed the Norcal rigs and the K2/K1/KX1, so
"lightweight" is my thing. But this time we tried to design a
high-performance rig for the masses -- one that we think of as
the only "Affordable and Portable" dream rig. The idea is that,
at only 8 pounds, you'd take it with you on trips -- not just
leave it at home on the desk. A *serious* lightweight DXpedition
rig, in other words.

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

Wayne Burdick, N6KR
CTO, Elecraft, Inc.

Well, first let me say that I was thrilled to receive the message. I've since exchanged some mail with Mr. Burdick and I hope to either give the Elecraft guys a guest blogging spot here or do a brief interview--whatever they want. I agree completely with his assessment: this radio does look like a 100 Pound DXpeditioner's dream. If I can get information directly from the source (Elecraft) to the reader (you) I'll gladly eliminate the middleman (me!). Realistically, nothing will likely happen until after Dayton. I can't imagine how busy these guys are with a new radio announced and the national convention right around the corner!
In the mean time, I've pointed the Elecraft guys to Dave and the 99 Hobbies site and hope there is a podcast in our future. It would be fantastic, I'm sure! Watch the 99 Hobbies web site for more (and I'll post here when it happens).
By the way, WA5ZNU has a clever K3 Budget Planner page to give you a quick tally of the kind of wallet-damage this new radio will cause. Act soon if you want one of those low serial number units!


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