Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Other QSLs now caught up, too

The original plan did not have me in the role of QSL manager for the Montserrat trip. We thought we had somebody lined up for that job, but that fell through. I stepped up sort of at the last minute. So, without thinking too much about it, I had all these cards come directly to me and to my home address.
The problem with this is that I can't tell the difference between an envelope and request associated with the Montserrat trip, one associated with my K1P special event station, one associated with my Boston Harbor Islands trips, my home call, or even some random piece of mail with my name on it. I had been throwing each pile of envelopes into a big box (unopened) as that was the safest way to ensure that return SASEs would remain with their requests, the money wouldn't get mixed up, and that nothing would be lost. This system kept those requests safe, but it also delayed my personal QSLing (as those requests were mixed in with all those Montserrat requests.)
Sure enough, I found QSL requests for NE1RD, NE1RD/1, KP2/NE1RD, and K1P in with the Montserrat cards. To those of you who were waiting for those cards, I apologize. I have fully caught up on all those tonight. {whew!}
Upon further thought, it might make sense to set up a separate PO box to handle all this traffic. If I do this again, I might set up a such a PO box. It would be a good way to keep my QSL manager-associated mail separate from my personal mail.
Finally, in with this pile was one other noteworthy piece of mail. It was a form letter from Benny Neal, a former high school classmate, who is running for the Clerk of Court in Harrisonberg, Virginia. I don't remember much of Benny. I do remember he was an aspiring singer who had gone to Nashville to record some records and be discovered. Oh, yeah, and one other thing discussed here. His letter, again, lost in with all those QSL card requests, was looking for campaign contributions. Um. Pass, thanks.


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