Saturday, April 07, 2007

QSLing in-progress

Busy day today. I was to attend the Yankee Clipper Contest Club meeting today, but felt guilty leaving that big box of fresh QSL cards and that pile of QSL requests behind. I know folks have been waiting a long time to get their cards. So, I stayed home and started cranking through the pile. I've got over 130 envelopes stuffed with return QSL cards so far. I will make every effort to do the rest (another 100?) tomorrow so they can all be mailed on Monday morning.
This is all I have here. It includes those sent to me directly (thank you!) and those that were sent to Gingerbread Hill on Montserrat. (If you mailed yours to the island, fear not. David Lea bundled up all that had arrived there and forwarded them on to me.) There is allegedly another pile with Budd (W3FF) that will also be forwarded to me for processing. I'll work on those as soon as they arrive.
QSLpro has been working very, very well. I process 14 cards at a time, printing a single sheet of labels from those cards, then stuffing the envelopes. I will make this program available (for free) once I've finished the QSLing for the VP2M trip (and found those last remaining really embarrassing bugs). If you use MacLoggerDX, I think you're going to love this program.


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