Sunday, April 08, 2007

QSL cards ready for the Post Office

Done. It took all of yesterday afternoon and all of today but I've now completed all of the QSL card requests that I've received for the Montserrat trip. I've got 185 envelopes for US stations and 60 envelopes for the rest of the world. Whew!
Included in the big pile are just a couple of not in log notices. I had hoped that perhaps with the on-line log and careful logging we might avoid any such problems but that was not to be. I wrote a note for each unsatisfied request expressing my disappointment that I could not send them a card. As I say, there are only a few, but I sure wish there had been none.
Also in the pile were some SWL (shortwave listening) requests. These require a little extra effort but I don't mind. I hope that each card I send to an SWL will eventually lead that person to get their license and join us on HF. I hope all of you would take the time to help these folks, too.
I've now got 6 piles of cards destined for the other team members. All those cards you sent to me, I'm now forwarding on to the operator who worked you. I sure enjoyed reading these cards (many personal notes were included) and I'm sure the other guys will have fun with them, too. Perhaps I'll spend some time tomorrow and relate some of what was written to us.
Finally, there are a few fellows who managed to work all of us. Here's the list:
  • W5SAN
  • K4KAL
  • KI4MZS
  • AB4PM
  • W0RW
Congratulations, guys!


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