Thursday, May 10, 2007

BURO cards for Montserrat have arrived

I received a drop from the W1 QSL bureau today. The following cards were received for QSOs with the Montserrat DXpedition:
I also received a similarly sized pile of cards for NE1RD, NE1RD/1, etc. I will try to get these turned around before I leave for Dayton Tuesday afternoon. Failing that, I will get them out the moment I return.

I learned this week that I'll be traveling to Tampa, Florida for the Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC) in June. This is a trade show and I'll be one of the booth babes (absurdity intentional). The other two attendees from Verocel will be bringing family so I'll be on my own during the evenings. Naturally, the Devil Rays are playing in Arizona so there is no baseball in town during my stay. How on Earth will I fill my time? Maybe I could bring a... radio?

The supplies for the show will be shipped via carrier from the office to our booth on the show floor. I asked if I could slip an extra radio-filled Pelican case (or two) into the mix. My colleagues said, "Yes! Of course!" I just need to schlep it to the hotel and at the end of the trip roll back to the booth. Easy! I just need to be careful that I not pack anything I might need for Field Day (because it wouldn't be back in time).

Speaking of Field Day, those plans are coming along nicely for the PART club. Our goal this year is to have fun, teach, and learn. We are organizing a series of Toolbox Talks, 15-30 minute impromptu discussions about a particular topic. I'm participating in several of these where I will talk about portable operations, contesting, and antenna analyzers. I'll also give demonstrations of items you can't see in stores like the Buddipole and Buddistick, the AntennaSmith antenna analyzer, and the Force-12 Sigma 5 antenna. This is going to be a very hands-on event. If you happen to be near Westford, Massachusetts come Field Day, stop by!

Finally, blogging over the next 10 days is going to be difficult. I leave for Dayton on Tuesday, will be in Contest University on Thursday, attending the show Friday, then driving to Chicago (actually, far West of Chicago) on Saturday to attend my niece's High School Graduation on Sunday. So, if I miss a couple of days, just expect some especially fat posts thereafter!


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